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Vir Sanghvi’s first HT blog targets Mint again

Former Hindustan Times editor Vir Sanghvi has once again launched into the new editor of Mint, R. Sukumar, for not carrying a column in which he had attacked the fledgling business paper’s coverage of the INX saga starring Sanghvi.

In his first column for the newly launched blogs section of HT, Sanghvi writes glowingly of the freedom he allowed columnists who took a contrarian position (backed, he claims, by the paper’s owners K.K. Birla and Shobana Bharatia), but disses Sukumar for censoring a column which contained “two paras” that were critical of Mint‘s coverage.

“Clearly, Mint can dish it out but it can’t take it.

“The mature option would have been to carry the piece, which would probably have passed unnoticed. I am an admirer of Mint and my criticism was restricted to its media coverage, which is already regarded within the profession as a joke, an island of gossip and inaccuracy amidst page after page of well-meaning, serious, magazine-type articles.”

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