Daily Archives: 7 March 2009

Finally, a redesign not done by Mario Garcia


With competition in the air, Deccan Herald, Bangalore’s oldest English newspaper and one of India’s few single-city newspapers, has undergone a complete design overhaul.

On the left is DH of Friday, 6 March 2009; on the right is Saturday’s redesigned paper.

The man behind the redesign is Palmer Watson, the head of an international design consultancy which has been responsible for creating the design of Le Monde and El Pais, among other newspapers.

For a city emanating from coffeeland, the text typeface of the new DH is Expresso. An article introducing the new design claims DH is the first paper in the world to feature Clan as its main display font.

“The new masthead… exemplifies the can-do and youngish personality of the new DH. The promos—bolder and more colourful—are intended to hit eyeballs and kindle your interest.”

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