Daily Archives: 10 March 2009

“These bloody journalists, obsessed with stars!”

Whoever said journalism is the last resort of those who couldn’t get into any other humanity-enhancing profession?

Surely, not Vishnu Vardhan Reddy of the University of North Dakota.

Mail Today reports that the 31-year-old who worked as a sub-editor at a New Delhi newspaper in 1999, has made a career in the United States scouring the skies for undiscoverred asteroids. And in six years at UND, has discovered close to two dozen of them.

“I have also discovered variable stars (that change their brightness), binary stars (two stars going around each other) and supernova (violent stars that explode),” Reddy, who was born near India’s rocket launching station at Sriraharikota, tells the paper.

In January this year, Reddy, who is a PhD candidate in the UND department of earth system science and policy, received an official OK from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to name an asteroid he discovered “North Dakota”.

Photograph: courtesy Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

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