Daily Archives: 14 May 2009

POTUS would like you to switch off your phone

What happens when the mobile phone rings at a White House press briefing?

This is what Robert Gibbs would tell you in a circular sort of way.

“[As the press secretary to the President of the United States] I made the determination that the illumination of the sound was distracting to the briefing.”


Even Andy Warhol would have kinda approved

KPN photo

Plenty of things happen at press clubs around the world: Fiery press conferences, soft product launches, seminars, workshops, card games, gossip sessions, eating, drinking.

Inter-office romances blossom, and adulterous affairs begin (and end), but rarely does the watering hole of media mavens serve as a venue for couples to commit themselves for life.

At the salubrious Press Club of Bangalore, orphans at a local mission chose to do precisely that on Thursday. If nothing else, they attained their 15 minutes of fame in the precincts of those most likely to provide it.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News