Daily Archives: 23 May 2009

With so many polls, somebody had to get it right


Duck’s eggs, it is said, are tastier than hen’s eggs. But more people eat hen’s eggs because, well, the hen lays its eggs and advertises its feat, while the duck keeps quiet about it.

That’s the bon mot of a very successful newspaper editor.

As if to underline the point, Live India, the TV station more famous for a sting which stung it, claims it predicted the results of the general elections on air more accurately than its better known competitors like NDTV, Aaj Tak, CNN-IBN, India TV has taken out an advertisement to crow about the taste of its egg.

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But why are we only testing water-boarding?

Christopher Hitchens tried it almost a year ago and lasted all of a few seconds.

Now, right-wing radio host Erich “MancowMuller has done so again, fared no better, and come to the same conclusion: Yes, waterboarding is torture.

Sure, in the context of the debate in the United States over the interrogation techniques adopted by the previous Goerge W. Bush administration, all this “experiential journalism” makes for a fine spectacle, but how about going hungry for a few days (like in sub-Saharan Africa), facing a few bombs (Iraq, Afghanistan),living with the Taliban (Pakistan), living without a roof (everywhere), etc, to drive the point home?

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