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7 times bigger than the leading English channel


Another day and another claimant to the crown of the most viewed television station on 16 May 2009, the day the results of the elections to the Indian lower house were announced.

After the three main English news channels diced and spliced the ratings over the last 12 days, it is turn of the Hindi channel Aaj Tak owned by the India Today group with two key claims.

# “Almost 45 per cent ahead of the nearest competitor.”

# “Almost 7 times more than the leading English channel.”

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Three tips for journos on how to use Facebook

How should journalists use Facebook? Joe Grimm, visiting journalist at Michigan State University school of journalism, has three tips:

1. Be cautious about what kind of personal information you put out.

2. Add friends to your network, not strangers.

3. Don’t “friend” sources on your beat.

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