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Could the media end up killing Barack Obama?

Al Jazeera’s media show The Listening Post on how 24×7 media is dangerously inflaming passions against US President Barack Obama with lies, untruths, rhetoric—a little like the way a newspaper advertisement greeted John F. Kennedy the day he arrived in Dallas in 1963.

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The media’s obsession with Obama is worrisome


A lofty title takes the high road at premium price

The Times of India has officially announced the name of its new, “premium”, weekend paper launching on Saturday, September 26. It is called “The Crest Edition” and will have 40 pages.

An announcement on the front page of the paper today says that like its “lofty title”, the Crest Edition will take the high road on everything from politics and business to literature, sport, culture and science.

“Crest’s got the heft but suits the hammock too.”

Half-page ads of the new paper appear on page 2 of the paper in Bombay and Delhi. (Click on the frame to get a larger, more reader-friendly view.)

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