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20 tweetable truths about magazines. Really?

The Magazine Publishers of America‘s video to show how the magazine industry is alive, well and thriving in the United States. But elsewhere?

Link courtesy “Mr Magazine”  Samir Husni


Anybody here who’s Hindu and wants to convert?


In the 1980s and ’90s, the undivided Indian Express, it was rumoured, was loathe to hiring Muslim journalists because of the pronounced pro-Hindu sentiment of its proprietor Ramnath Goenka, although there were exceptions to the rule like Saeed Naqvi and Rasheeda Bhagat.

Thankfully, that trend changed with the death of the old man and the division in the family. Now, it is the turn of the paper to point fingers at others still indulging in religion-based segregation.

Facsimile: courtesy The Indian Express