Daily Archives: 15 May 2010

‘Baal ki khaal.’ ‘Dus hazaar tadtadate toofan.’

The world’s most underworked, overexposed reporter with an accountant who doesn’t question his expenses and with a boss who never phones in the middle of the night—Tintin—is now reporting in Hindi.

Tehelka magazine reports that an Indian publisher “vexed by the isolation of Hindi-speaking readers from Tintin’s adventures” has obtained the rights to translate his favourite comic into Hindi.

Result: All 24 titles are now available in Hindi from Om books international. Crab with the Golden Claws is Sunehre panjon waala kekda. Black Island is Kala Dweep (in picture)

Say hello to Santu and Bantu, Thomson and Thompson. Casta Fiora Bianca is Malika.

Snowy is being introduced into the consciousness of the world’s fifth-most spoken language as “Natkhat”. Captain Haddock‘s “ten thousand thundering typhoons” are ‘dus hazaar tadtadate toofan‘.

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