Daily Archives: 31 May 2010

Anything ToI does, the competition can do worse

Over the last two decades, The Times of India group has earned plenty of flak for its marketing and advertising gimmicks that have erased the difference between what constitutes editorial and what is supposed to be advertising.

But what about its glorious competitors?

On top is the front-page wraparound of Monday’s Hindustan Times, with a full-page advertisement of the German automaker Volkswagen.

In italics is the punchline, “Anything that’s specially crafted by hand…”

Clearly as part of the ad campaign, which includes a 16-column ad for the Phaeton on the centrespread of the newspaper, every headline on every multi-column story on every page of the 24-page main section of HT is specially crafted by hand in the same italics font that adorns the Volkswagen ad.

Innovation? Or intrusion?

Does the reader care? Should she?

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