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Yet, they won’t print pix of dead US soldiers

The cover of the 9 August 2010 issue of Time magazine. For a change, all four editions—US, Europe, Asia and South Pacific—have the same cover story.

Time‘s choice is doubtless provocative, one reason journalism exists.

Yet, such eagerness and such a desire to provoke isn’t visible on home turf, where a quixotic self-censorship kicks into play each time news organisations ponder the possibility of printing the pictures of US marines killed in the line of duty or the bodies of victims of 11 September 2001 attack on New York City.

Photo portfolio: The Big Picture


If the writing is on the wall, it is Newsworthy

You can wrap fish (or bajji or bhujia) with newspapers. You can swat a fly or a mosquito. You can even make an improvised weapon with it.

Well, how about covering your wall with it, as Lori Weitzner says we can do?