Daily Archives: 2 November 2010

Don’t forget, the ads are of use to you, too

VINUTHA MALLYA forwards an item spotted in the ‘Ahmedabad Talking’ section of Ahmedabad Mirror dated 1 November 2010:


There are only ads. Where’s the news? 

“Lately, I have noticed that there plenty of advertisements in Mirror, but hardly any news. The paper has become quite boring. Please do something. ”

— Dvip Patel, by email


“Thank you for your valuable feedback, Mr Patel. It is true that our paper has a lot of advertisements these days. This is because advertisers are very keen on reaching out to consumers during the festive season.

“We have tried to protect your interest by increasing the number of pages to 48 and give you as much reading stuff as it is possible.

“We hope some of these ads are of use to you in making a choice.”

Pradeep Mallik, deputy editor