Anish Trivedi sentenced to six months in prison

28 January 2011

Anish Trivedi—a former investment banker who gave up Wall Street to host radio, anchor television and run a media company; writer of two plays (Still Single and One Small Day), and a regular contributor to magazines like GQ and Elle—gets his 15 minutes of infamy for a 2006 column in the Bombay tabloid, Mid-Day.

Facsimile: courtesy The Indian Express

Photograph via Facebook

5 Responses to “Anish Trivedi sentenced to six months in prison”

  1. mysore peshva Says:

    ridiculous… the court has committed a vile atrocity against the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed in article 19(1)(a) of the indian constitution.

    i have no doubt that this uneducated judgment will be reversed on appeal.

  2. Imam Siddique Says:

    Shocking and deeply disturbing…preposterous!

  3. CC Says:

    As a member of the legal fraternity I am pained by this ridiculous ruling. If at all you must have reservation base it on economic criteria and not on caste.

  4. sanjiv bhandarkar Says:

    The biggest tragedy of this country that we call India is definitely not the one which Trivedi is so cynical about in his article rather the illiteracy shown by the likes of him in understanding the real situation. I do not know the reaction of Tariq Ansari to the Khairlanji Killings or for that matter the “wierd” judgement of the High Court in lowering the sentence of the Khairlanji accused from gallows to life..However, Ansari is earnest in likening the sentence awarded to Trivedi as an imminent situation putting the freedom of speech in great perils. The blanket castigation which Trivedi hurls on the SC/STs, my dear Ansari is more degrading than calling the whole of the Muslim populace in our country as “Pakistanis”…it is one thing to cast aspersions on ones patriotism and another to deny the elementary dignity of Humanity and thats what Trivedi indulges in…Does Trivedi has any definitive survey which establishes his assertions????To indulge in namecalling for Govt servants/employees is one thing but to put the blame on a whole community for all the ills of Governance more than proves that Trivedi intellectually has still to grow beyond his diapers…My only concern is why Ansari is hellbent on shifting from his boxers to diapers in his bid to support Trivedi????Had it been England or US Trivedi would have been out of the public life forever…But we are in India where sub-standard grown up juveniles riding high on fictitous stereotypes, dreamt of in thier glasshouses go on babbling to pamper thier king size egos & also thier brethrens…I am afraid the size of this “intellectual” tribe is not less….The judgement of the court will be a good lesson to all those who are prone to get into such intellectual stupor…. to keep thier eyes wide open and see the things as they are and not what thier castiest ego dictates………

  5. jay kay Says:

    This priviliged a-hole Trivedi described blamed ALL the ills of corporates today an scheduled castes and categorized them as ‘lazy little sh*ts’ – which is exactly the same terms the British used to describe them – just think if a Britisher said what he said, he’d lose his job! Anish tarred an ENTIRE section of society with his brush – but of course he is against reservation – it would mean that windbags like him that spend most of their lives in foreign shores spending daddy’s money and who are supremely out of touch with the masses will be denied jobs due to someone who is probably has less degrees (due to him not having the cash to stump for donations) but will in all probability be a harder worker. In mean, in all MY experience, it’s the so-called scheduled castes who are the hardest workers while all the people like Mr. Trivedi mill about and coast through life doing nothing. At least prison will teach him some humility. Isn’t that right, Anish?

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