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Time to drop the “A” from DNA’s masthead?

For two decades and more, Samir Jain and his managers have sought to dilute the editorial page of The Times of India, ostensibly under the belief that no one reads them but actually to show the ivory-tower editors their place.

But even ToI realises the imperative for an opinion page offering exclusive views when news is no longer anybody’s exclusive for more than a few minutes.

But Aditya Sinha, the new editor-in-chief of the Bombay newspaper, DNA (Daily News & Analysis) has announced his arrival with this signed, front-page banner that announces the end of the editorial page as its readers knew it, and the introduction of comment on different pages of the paper (another tried, tested and abandoned Times trick).

Reads the announcement:

“This does not mean DNA will shun analysis: after all, it’s part of our title. Instead, DNA will give you more comment, spread across the paper. For instance, today we have articles by experts on Mumbai, on corruption and on the China-US presidential meeting.

“Each will appear on a different news page. Otherwise, they’d appear on three consecutive edit pages.

“DNA will give you more comment in the days to come; you’ve already seen it in the Money section, and you will even see it on the Sport pages. And it will all be interesting. DNA is doing away with the “leaders”, the 400-word unsigned editorials. Instead, as and when a news event warrants a stand by DNA, it will appear on page 1.”

To be fair, today’s issue carries three long pieces of analysis on different pages—Jyoti Punwani on Bombay police on page 2, Nilotpal Basu on corruption on page 17, and Jayadeva Ranade on US-China relations on page 18. The pieces range from 750-800 words each.

But what’s the paper’s stand on any of the major issues of the day?

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Link via Vishwesh Bhattacharya