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LGBTs want a public apology from TV9 chief

TV9, one of India’s most watched news networks—miles ahead of all its English majors—with a presence in Telugu, Kannada, Marthi, Gujarati and Malayalam, is in trouble once again.

The channel’s racy, often breathless, coverage of news often borders on the scurrilous. Now LGBTs—lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexuals—have hit back on a recent TV9 “sting” operation in Hyderabad, and demanded an apology from the network head, Ravi Prakash.


Dear Mr Prakash

Last week your station, TV9, aired an inflammatory program that has had a life-shattering impact on many of the people whose voices and faces were filmed, without their consent, in the report titled “Gay Culture Rampant in Hyderabad”.

Please submit a public apology for the damage caused by this broadcast, and publicly commit to never re-airing this program, or any similarly derogatory and anti-gay or anti-trans programming on TV9.

In your own words, you have said that TV9 should be, “a news channel that would be fiercely independent and bring the best professional practices to Telugu journalism.”

The recently aired program falls far short of those standards, and TV9’s reputation as a fair and balanced news source is at risk as a result of the fall out from this offensive, and deeply unprofessional program.

Please use your role as CEO of the network to ensure that the network regains its footing as a respectable news source, and regains the respect and trust of its viewers.

Link via Shobha S.V.

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