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It’s never too late to get yourself a code of ethics

India’s biggest business paper, The Economic Times, has gifted its print and television staffers a golden jubilee gift: a short and succinct 447-word code of ethics.

It clearly defines, among other things, the “Chinese Wall” between “church and state”:

“Our reporting and analysis is entirely independent of our advertising and investment departments (Response / Sales and Private Treaties). We do not give preferential treatment to advertisers / treaty partners nor do we entertain requests from the business departments of BCCL to do so.”

The full text of the ET code of ethics has been made available online and today’s front-page carries “The Golden Pledge” as a graphic element.

The ET and ET Now code reminds its journalists that to provide the best reportage and analysis to its readers and viewers, they must strive to be “accurate and unbiased” and their stories must be “attributed, verified and honest.”

One of ET‘s main competitors, Mint from the Hindustan Times stable, has occupied the high moral ground in the absence of an ET code, with an 8,676-word Lakshman rekha.

Image: courtesy The Economic Times

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