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Anti-corruption campaigner’s error of judgement

An item in Raisina Tattle, the gossip colum in the Delhi tabloid, Mail Today.

Image: courtesy Mail Today

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Only in India: 90% off for journalists!

Cash transfer scheme is already here for journalists

Media houses are sitting on plots leased at one rupee!


‘Media doesn’t need a regulatory mechanism’

Prabhu Chawla, editorial director of The New Indian Express, in his “Ask Prabhu” column on the website of the South-based paper.

Vol I. No. V.


What is the real motive in having “Ask Prabhu” forum in NIE? I am following your Q/A season from very beginning but sorry to say that 90% of questions are meaningless, and I guess it’s better to have editor’s choice!

I like feeling to indulge in debate and ask questions even if they sound meaningless to some of us. A live interaction with readers also provides ideas and feedback for us follow stories.

You pick, choose and answer questions according to your convenience and avoid answering tough questions. Can you publish those questions which remain unanswered by you or have guts to answer those?

I don’t omit any question. Most of them are answered except the ones which defame others.

Which of the English dailies do you think people in South India are more likely to read?

They are reading almost all of them which are published from South India. I feel people in the south still read much more than the people from other parts of the country.

Don’t you think the newspapers in India should be classified as aligned and non-aligned by a regulatory body based on their reporting?

We don’t need a regulatory mechanism. Our readers are much more qualified to classify their newspapers. Have trust in yourself and not in any government sponsored institution.

Where should one read “carefully” to see the serial number of the questions? Were you referring to the 1,2,3,4 at the bottom of the page?

Your question no is 1796. If I can see it, why can’t you? Let me get it examined.


Prabhu Answers

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