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Malini Parthasarathy quits as Hindu exec editor

The Hindu boardroom strife—over the appointment of a non-family professional as editor—has claimed its first victim in the newsroom.

Malini Parthasarathy, who would have become the first woman editor of a broadsheet English newspaper had the traditional succession plan been implemented, has resigned as executive editor of the paper.

This, a day after the Supreme Court steered clear of the paper’s internecine war and directed the company law board (CLB) to hear the case on a day to day basis.

Last month, a section of the family-owned Hindu board, led by editor-in-chief N. Ram, chose current Delhi bureau Siddharth Varadarajan as the next editor of the paper.

This was contested in the CLB by Ram’s brothers N. Murali and N. Ravi, and their cousins, sisters Nirmala Lakshman and Malini Parthsarathy. The CLB ruled in their favour but Ram & Co went to the Madras High Court and obtained a stay on the CLB order. In response, Ravi, Nirmala and Malini filed a special leave petition at the Supreme Court, which declined to step in and asked the CLB to proceed with haste.

Explaining her resignation, Malini has since tweeted:

Siddharth [Varadarajan] far junior to me appointed as Editor makes it untenable to continue

Tremendous family jealousy and misogyny

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