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How many blind people has Indian media hired?

Given the rapacious human resource (HR) practises of most profit-first newspapers, magazines and TV stations (which are otherwise lecturing the world on corporate social responsibility), there are few handicapped people on their rolls and even fewer facilities for them.

Bangalore’s oldest English newspaper, Deccan Herald, is an outstanding exception.

On Louis Braille‘s birthday, L. Subramani pens a poignant 859-word piece on how the internet is the gateway to a brave new world for people like him:

“There are several thousands of persons with vision challenge who use the net to teach spoken English, creating web content and do medical transcription, which would have made Louis Braille proud.

“Ten years ago, internet was merely a tool for learning and exchanging emails. It had since evolved into a huge social medium that connects the blind with several professional groups and provide them the best opportunity to earn exposing only their advantages. Many of the visually challenged have formed professional and interest based groups in Facebook, while others have also taken advantage of Linkedin.”

Two years ago in a world-first, Bangalore Doordarshan observed Braille’s birthday by getting visually challenged people to read the news:

“Society does not take note of us. Therefore such a platform is essential. We believe endeavours like these will spur people to empathise with us better,” said one of the news readers, Manjunath.

So, how many visually challenged and differently abled people does your newspaper, magazine, or TV station employ?

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Photograph: Students take part in the 203rd birth anniversary celebrations of Louie Braille, organised by the national federation of the b

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