Times group, Hindustan Lever & Shrijeet Mishra

24 January 2012

On Saturday, The Times of India carried on its business pages (top) news of a senior Hindustan Lever executive leaving the company, the second in a year. On Tuesday, The Economic Times followed suit on the front page of the third major exit from HUL in the last 18 months.

Fact: Shrijeet Mishra, one of the HUL worthies mentioned in both stories, joined The Times group as chief operating officer in July last year.


Images: courtesy The Times of India, The Economic Times

4 Responses to “Times group, Hindustan Lever & Shrijeet Mishra”

  1. abc Says:

    the point being?

  2. Ummm Says:

    The point being, HUL biggie was a part of Times Group operations well before quitting HUL this year.

  3. abc Says:

    1. The said HUL biggie joined the Times Group in July 2011.

    2. The article says that Gopal Vittal is the second member of HUL’s brass to exit in a year, after Shrijeet Mishra.

    If my calculations are correct, July 2011 does fall within one year, if you count back from today (or a couple of days back)!

    Once again, the point being?

    • def Says:

      The point being…. after seducing a man’s wife, decency demands that you refrain from making disparaging comments about the loser husband.

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