How Hindu aimed at The Times but shot DNA

25 January 2012

It is never a pretty sight when a giant wakes up after a nice, long slumber.

After snoring through the thinly veiled insinuations of The Times of India that it was a sleeping inducing newspaper, The Hindu has woken up with a jolt through three TV, super-aggressive commercials that are already airing on television channels in the South.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that while the young and ignorant reader of The Times of India fed on the 5Fs—fun, frolic, froth, fashion, and fornication—-is clearly its target, The Hindu‘s TVCs seem like a direct assault on ads issued by The Times‘ competitor in Bombay, DNA, for its city supplement, After Hours, last year.

Worse, as longtime media watchers will remember, Stay Ahead Of The Times is a cliche as punchline which several of Times‘ competitors have used, including Hindustan Times in Delhi in the mid 1990s.

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10 Responses to “How Hindu aimed at The Times but shot DNA”

  1. Krishna Kumar Says:

    Eagerly waiting for the response from TOI

  2. Jayanth Says:

    A bit undignifed, isn’t it, taking the name of a rival newspaper? (Oh come, a bleep counts for nothing). Also, I am afraid that the ad is more a reflection of the times we live in.

    In any case, would this be Siddharth Varadarajan’s decision?

  3. Maru Says:

    TH readers love the response…TOI readers would be offended, but all of us know who provoked whom…BTW, it was pretty clear that the guy sleeping had TH in his hand…So, i think the response is justified

  4. Ankur Says:

    Can someone share the ad by TOI?

  5. Indian Says:

    Both are useless papers. TH is a paperload of shit while TOI is just above in the pile.

  6. keralafarmer Says:

    Competition of news papers for the truth will limelight some thing which was hidden by all media. Waiting for TOI to do something in Kerala.

  7. Viswanathan Says:

    Everything is fair in love and newspaper war

  8. Ashwin Tombat Says:

    I think the Hindu campaign is effective. No young person really wants to be a moron…

  9. Goldstar Says:

    Thanks for showing up that The Hindu campaign is not even original. Nothing much can be expected from these copy-cats.

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