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Bangalore lawyers not to represent media houses

N. Manjunath, a photojournalist with Karnataka Photo News, is beaten up by advocates at the City civil court in Bangalore on Friday.

Lawyers prone to wearing nationalism and patriotism on their sleeves have vowed not to represent terrorists (like Ajmal Kasab, the gunman caught alive during the November 2008 siege of Bombay).

But the media too?

The Indian Express reports that the violence unleashed upon media personnel and equipment by lawyers in Bangalore has taken a strange turn with the Karnataka state bar council on Saturday resolving that “it would not represent any media house in future litigations “for showing advocates in poor light” in the last few months.”

K.N. Subba Reddy of the advocates association of Bangalore is quoted by First Post as saying:

“We have also decided not to take up cases of media houses as they have portrayed lawyers badly.”

The lawyers are also reportedly planning to withdraw from cases they are appearing for the media.

The faceoff between lawyers and the media is showing no signs of ending soon.

TThe Times of India reports that on Friday, an advocate, acting on behalf of six colleagues, slapped a notice on five local TV channels, seeking apology for the language used against advocates. On Sunday, they filed seven cases against the media and cops in the Ulsoorgate police station.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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‘Mail Today’ rises in the land of ‘The Daily Mail’

Making use of the five-and-a-half hour time gap, Mail Today, the tabloid daily from the India Today group, has expanded its footprint to the United Kingdom.

Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie explains the move in a note on page 3:

“Targeting the large south Asian population in London, Mail Today wants to connect with the diaspora by bringing the best of Indian news packaged in a modern avatar. It gives us great pleasure to bring a slice of the new rising India.”

Both The Asian Age and The Sunday Guardian launched by M.J. Akbar, currently editorial director of India Today, have editions out of London.