A quick lesson from The Hindu on court reporting

20 March 2012

A clarification published on the home page of The Hindu today on a front-page news story by the paper’s Supreme Court correspondent J. Venkatesan published in the paper.

The story and the clarification come on the day the SC took up the issue of reporting of court cases by the media following applications from three prominent lawyers (Fali Nariman in SEBI-Sahara case, Harish Salve in the Vodafone case, and K.K. Venugopal in the Times Now case).

5 Responses to “A quick lesson from The Hindu on court reporting”

  1. Anshu Says:

    At least in this respect The Hindu beats most other rags.

  2. A Journalist Says:

    I though it was a real exclusive by ‘The Hindu’ in the morning. No other newspaper or TV channel had it. I know J Venkatesan well. He is a nice man. Mistakes do happen.

  3. Sam Says:

    Pretty decent of them to not bury it within the pages.

  4. Brahmanyan Says:

    The Hindu is honest enough to clarify its position.

  5. T K DAMODARAN Says:

    Please provide me the e-mail id of J Venkatesan, Staff Reporter, the hindu, New delhi, tkdpoduval@gmail.com

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