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Aaj Tak bites into a nice piece of Barfi

Historically, product-placement has usually meant a newspaper or magazine strategically placed in a movie shot to give the title some airtime. Or a TV star or studio artfully used as a prop.

In both cases, it is big media (movies) pushing smaller media (print or electronic).

With the new Ranbir Kapoor flick Barfi, product-placement comes full circle, with the film’s hero pushing the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak owned by the India Today group.


ToI, Narendra Modi & balls for Vivekananda yatra

Nothing is safe these days at the hands of the supersensitive—not even a simple headline.

The Times of India ran an innocuous page one anchor on Thursday of footballs for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Damodardas Modi‘s “Vivekananda yuva vikas yatra” being made in Jalandhar.

On Friday, the newspaper had to run this by way of an apology.

Image: courtesy The Times of India


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