Sans Serif is pleased to introduce a new category—Why I love Journalism—in which the good and the great of the media world talk on YouTube video of their undying love for the profession.

We begin the series with Madhav Vittal Kamath. Born in 1921, Kamath is one of India’s best known journalists and writers. He was a correspondent in Bonn, Paris, and Washington for The Times of India; editor of the Free Press Journal; and, till his retirement in 1981, editor of Asia’s oldest features magazine, The Illustrated Weekly of India.

Author of 48 books, Kamath was awarded the Padma Bhushan—India’s third-highest civilian honour—in 2004.

M.V. Kamath is currently the chairman of India’s public service broadcaster, Prasar Bharati Corporation, which runs Doordarshan and All India Radio. He is also on the board of Manipal Institute of Communication, the media school in the University town of Manipal, on the west coast of India.

Manipal, which is a few kilometres from his home-town Udupi, is where Kamath now lives, after moving out of Kalyanpur House in Khar two years ago.



  1. Thank you so much for having published this wonderful video of Mr. Kamath. To introduce myself let me take pride to tell you that he is my Guru and Mentor. Who has been now for years my greatest inspiration as well as critic.

    People like Kamath are no longer required by the media for a simple reason: they talk the truth outright, without any consideration. They are the men of honor who are no longer workable in the world that is full of mercenaries.

    But great to know there are people still who are appreciating those legend who are quietly living among us humbly.

  2. Pataniya Babu

    MV Kamath is the original Bihar hater who played a major role in destroying the image of Bihar during the emergency period to suck up to the powers that be. His essay advocating depriving Biharis of local self govt which was published in the Illustrated Weekly of India is one instance of his nazi tendency.

    1. azmat khan

      And a big-time communalist to boot!

      1. Karen D'souza

        Whether you like it or not, the truth is the truth and stalwarts like Mr. Kamath do not shy away from it. He is not a nazi, maybe you should recheck your grammar and GK. Mr. Kamath is very much a patriotic Indian. Before you diss him, beware that you will have a host of MIC grads down your throat.

        If you care so much, then go to Bihar and change the way things are. As soon as the change is perceptible, you can bring it to his attention and sir will change his view. Not before that!



        Mr Kamath advocates sanathan dharma. He is old worldly and would like his young students to be modern, irrespective of their faith. And fyi, he is not brahmanical in outlook, but in spirit. You have been misinformed.

  3. I completely agree with Mr Prabhu.

  4. Rajaram

    Thanks for the article. Can someone mention his date of birth in the year 1921? thanks in advance.

  5. saumy prateek

    It was a dream come true for me when i saw M.V.KAMATH speaking to me.His presence ignites your whole structure and the words of wisdom are just like the waters of holy Ganges washing upon you n you’ll revel in that.

    He is a legend in himself and yet so humble and engaging .I’m happy that i have joined MIC and he is the dean it’s a dream come true .I don’t have words enough to express him but it feels great just to know that he is there.

  6. steve

    He is a pakka brahim. Does not have guts to face christian & muslim missioneries. Only wants to amend the constitution to stop conversion in India.

  7. Ram

    I was his student..he’s totally right wing, who runs his institute with total authoritarianism, and is a strong advocate of Hindutva, much less Hinduism! Quite a repugnant fellow, actually


    am a great admirer of Mr. Kamath and had the opportunity of interacting with him in mumbai. can I have his address. doris

  9. I knew Mr Kamath in MUmbai when I was freelance journalist.I am launching my coffeetable book PEN DRIVE-Journey of a Journalist 1973-2005 in which I have included my article for sunday Herald interviewinf MV Kamath as one of the 4 Editors from Karnatka.
    May I please have his email Id?

  10. R.Narayanan

    Great to know that Mr.M.V.Kamath is an ardent advocate of Hindutva. Hats off to Mr.Kamath and would not like hear the same denied by him.

  11. Arvind Mallya

    Hats off to a wonderful journalist, a last of his breed. I have read so many of his articles and he is one who does not mince words!

  12. Kishalay Sinha

    I admire M. V. Kamath, a very learned and very powerful journalist. He is a true patriot, unlike people who pretend to be patriots but are masked cheats and criminals. M. V. Kamath has given me powerful inspiration by his kind comments on my article HOW WE CAN STOP TERRORISM.

    Kishalay Sinha

  13. can anyone help me in finding his postal address or e-mail id

  14. sridhar

    He spent all his life hobnobbing and chasing the rich and the powerful. Tell us of one investigative piece, one development story he did on his own enterprise. Yet, he never stops pouring venom at Dr.Ambedkar. When the Emergency was declared it was his love for press freedom that drove him to support it in full measure! When Gujarat burned in 2002, never mind the babies thrown into burning tyres and a thousand slaughtered, he was busy telling his captive houses how Narendra Modi was a much misunderstood man and that he would personally spend sometime for a biography to set his ‘record’ straight! Someone here has pointed out that if you criticise Kamath, you’ll have a horde of his students coming down on him/her. Well, bring them on!

  15. thekkanadu nayikan

    He is a pakka rss guy..anti sc/st obc reservation…anti muslim anti christian articles are spewing like venoms in his articles

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