The BBC’s iconic voice (and face) of India, Sir Mark Tully talks of the seven traits and habits that distinguish good journalists from very good ones.



  1. Dear Mr. Tully,

    I was at your book reading at the British Council at Kolkata on June 29, 2007. And you might remember that I had given you a card for the ’50 million missing’ group, the on-line international campaign I have started to raise awarenesses about India’s 50 million missing women. When you autographed my book you also promised in writing that you’d discuss the group when possible. However, I just discovered that there was a little misprint in the card I handed you. The website for the group was inadvertently spelt in block letters but it is case sensitive so it won’t work. The actual address is
    I hope this reaches you.

  2. Cornelia Kuchmy

    Dear Sir Mark Tully
    Your early morning talks, on Radio 4, have been a great source of enjoyment and solace for me (a retired, professional, musician).
    I did read Gandhi’s book, “Lead Kindly Light” many years ago, when I was living/working/studying in the aggressive environs of New York City. It was a calming influence.
    The fact that you sweep across so many types of thoughts and music give me the greatest pleasure.
    Thank You.
    Silver Surfer aged 81

    1. Carmen

      Hi Cornelia,

      It’s a nice surprise finding you on the net. Please contact me at your convenience, as we do have a lot to catch up!

  3. Barry Wilson

    If Mark Tully reads this he may remember me as we knew each other when we were in Cheshire. I will be in Delhi this October – 22nd/26th – and would love to meet up with you. I will be staying at the Lalit Hotel.

    Regards – Barry

  4. Cornelia Kuchmy

    Dear Sir Mark Tully
    Your talk, this morning 16/01/2011 was particularly
    heartwarming to me because of your use of various
    composers works (Beethoven, Bach etc.)
    I was a professional musician, before I retired, and do enjoy the harmonic structures that each composer leads one through and found the way you wove the examples absolutely delightful and uplifting.

  5. Vibhanshu Sharma

    Hi sir this is vibhanshu sharma i am presently doing MBA frm nagpur (maharashtra) my home town is narwapahar mines (jharkhand) sir i am a big fan of urs from my childhood i even did go through your documentary which was prepared by Mr. Sanjeev Bhaskar in context to himalyan toy train i really appreciate the effotrs made by you all in making the himalyan toy train a world heritage sir i had a dream of meeting you personally since my childhood. Sir in the month of march our college is planning to visit darjeeling and recently i got the update that you are staying there sir please its my humble request if you could spare some time for all of us and we can have an intractive session with you i would be very greatful if you could do this for us i know i am demanding for a thing which is a bit impossible because the kind of hectic schedule you would be having sir i am leaving my details with a hope of having your reply
    Name- Vibhanshu Sharma
    conatct no- 09372722288/08055045899

  6. Dhiraj kakadia

    Dear Mark Sir,
    I am doing research work on Mahatma Gandhi’s ways of Mass Communication.I want your guidance.I am in London for 19 April-10 May 2011.Else,give me time in Delhi.
    Dhiraj Kakadia

  7. Dear Sir,
    We, a dedicated students’ body (Vivekanad Swadhyay Mandal) are organising an International Youth Conference on “Youth for Integral Humanism” on 12th-13th January, 2012 at G.B.Pant University of Agri. & Tech., Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. We want to invite you as an esteemed Dignitary to our two days event.We are not able to procure your contacts. We wish to get your blessings.
    Deepankar Rawat
    A Humble Student (eagerly waiting for your reply)
    G. B. Pant University of Agri. & Tech., Pantnagar
    Uttarakhand, India

    P.S. : For more information regarding the conference, please visit
    To know more about Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal, please visit us at

  8. Sir Tully. Is there a place where you and Sir Naipaul and Sir Rushdie and any other Sirs connected to India meet and discuss those ordinary mortals who do not happen to be Sirs, even if a few of them may happen to be Surds?

    Btw, do you remember me visiting your house sometime in the 90s. It must have been with David Davidar.

    Anyway, cheers.


    Sir i am an student of 11th class of science stream but instead of science books reading i always used to read about the idols of india. Sir today, i have read about you , so i am directly facinated to you. Sir please give me chance. Please sir. You just tell me how i can help you. I had said a very big thing to you that i can help you actually i want to know more and more and more about the people and to get more and more and more experienc. Sir i am resisdent of dwarks, sector 8, New Delhi. Sir please give me a chance. Sir to give me a big chance please give me your contact number and you can also make a call to me (if you have time and please sir do not mind) on the number 9868099186.

  10. G.K.Pagare

    Mr. Tully,
    Some years back you had prepared a documentary on Indian Railway Steam Engine, on Ratlam Division Meter Gauge Ghat Section near MHOW cant on Kalakund-Patalpani ghat section.
    In the said documentary shooting you were present with your cameramen and Divisional Rail Manager (DRM) Shri Godbole.
    I was driving the train from Kalakund-Patalpani during the whole shooting.
    On arrival at MHOW you had promised me to send a one copy of the CD of the same shooting. But it is not sent to me.
    Please, it will be very kind if you can provide the same.

  11. D.C.Sage

    India’s Unending Journey is a fascinating book but makes me ask if Sir Mark Tully is acquainted with Eastern or Orthodox Christianity ? Two books to start with might be those by Bishop Kallistos (Timothy Ware).

  12. kanthi swaroop

    Dear sir
    Mark tully i’m graduated with and very much interested on social issues of india. As i witnessed your interview recently in rajya sabha tv and fascinated with your works. And more over very much attracted to your ideology and opinions. Really, from then i ‘m searching for your contact details but helpless. Dear sir from my bottom of the heart i’m really wanted to work with you. Please accept my proposal. And i hope it will reach you definately.
    Thanking you.
    Kanthi swaroop.g

  13. expressions99

    Respected Mr. Mark Tully
    Sir in 1977, I was working at Claridges Hotel, New Delhi where you were having your residence cum office.
    Presently I am working as Head of Department in Hotel Management Institute and have authored numerous books for Hotel School and CBSE.
    Sir my daughter has joined graduation and is writing poems and quotes. She is keen in taking journalism as profession.
    With best wishes and wishing you good health
    Rakesh Puri

  14. Dear Mr Tully, I am a photographer from Germany and have just completed a project on a photobook on Auroville. As I have heard from Mauna van der Vlucht you have been or are involved quite a bit in this experimental township. I would like to ask you if you you would like to write a foreword or an essay for this book which concentrates on portarits of Aurovillian and scenes from their lives. some photos and sequences (2 min) can be seen on video at this link: but of course I would be happy to show you the dummy of the book , i ve made so far. I in my proffional life work for mayor magazines, as SPIEGEL, STERN, GEO and others. I would be happy, if You would get into contract with me, so I can tell You more details. Thank You, David Klammer

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