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‘Arnab Goswami is corrective to babalog media’


Bangalore, the home of City Tab, India’s original weekly tabloid, now has a new weekly: Talk.

Edited by former Indian Express and Yahoo! staffer S.R. Ramakrishna, Talk also features a weekly satire page called Ayyotoons, illustrated by Satish Acharya.

The latest issue features Times Now* editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami.


At the turn of 2012, the columnist Swapan Dasgupta nominated Goswami as his man of the year gone by:

“Arnab’s foremost contribution to the public discourse (at least the English language discourse which still sets the tone for others) is his unending search for what “the nation” wants to know.

“The definition of his imagined community is important. Hitherto, the media was reasonably modest in its inquisitiveness. Its rationale for demanding answers was invariably couched in terms of either ‘viewer interest’ or, at best, ‘the public interest’.

“In projection the ‘nation’ as the inquisitor — and I notice that even in rival channels ‘nation’ is fast becoming a substitute to the more passive use of the ‘country’ — Arnab has succeeded in doing something quite remarkable: he has successfully made ‘nationalism’ the core attribute for assessing public life.   This is a remarkable feat….

“In an environment where others were highlighting the values of cosmopolitanism, internationalism, liberalisation and oozing concern for the human rights of every extremist who sought the vivisection of India, Arnab re-popularised the validity of proud nationalism.

“For helping India recover this eroding inheritance, ‘the nation’ must be thankful to him. He has been the best corrective to the babalog media.”

* Disclosures apply

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‘Largest crowd for a journo’s funeral in 40 years’


M.K. VIDYARANYA writes from Bangalore: A multitude of friends and family members gathered at the 150-year-old St Patrick‘s church in Bangalore on Thursday evening to bid goodbye to Allen J. Mendonca, the journalist turned entrepreneur, who passed away in his sleep three nights ago, at the age of 49.

Just how the sudden passing of Allen—a friendly, ever-smiling, never-say-no, hard-as-knuckles journalist at City Tab, Evening Herald, Indian Express and The Times of India—had touched so many was evident from the sea of mourners at the funeral services held at what is considered to be the second oldest Catholic church in India.

The 18-pillared intricately designed prayer hall was filled to the gills and the friends, subjects and sources were overflowing outside the church premises on to the main road.

I had never seen such a large crowd of mourners attending the funeral of a journalist in Bangalore in the last four decades.

I have lost a dear freind who was my neighour before his marriage. May Allen’s soul rest in peace. I pray god to give courage and strength to Allen’s wife, Sandhya, their son Aditya and his parents Mr and Mrs Charles Mendonca to bear the loss.

Photograph: Krishnamurthy Vidyaranya

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Allen J. Mendonca, rest in peace


sans serif records with a heavy heart the passing away of Allen J. Mendonca, the former Indian Express and Times of India journalist, in Bangalore on Monday. He is survived by his wife Sandhya Mendonca and their son, Aditya.

Allen, the son of a Reserve Bank of India employee, was an old-school journalist for whom no beat, no story was taboo. Starting out at Bangalore’s legendary tabloid City Tab (launched and run by the Tharakan couple), he went on to cover crime, politics, information technology; composed jingles for television; acted in plays; wrote movie reviews; composed and sang music; and played the guitar.

He even starred in the  national award film, Stumble, directed by former Indian Express colleague Prakash Belavadi.

At a 2002 lecture at the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media in Bangalore, Allen said:

“Journalism of courage has given way to a journalism of consensus…. Although there are some world-class writers in our country, there are very few world-class journalists.”

In 2003, Allen co-founded Raintree Media, a communications and media business process outsourcing outfit with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Port St Louis, and Bangalore.

Last night, he went home after a party and did not wake up this moning.

Photograph: courtesy Facebook

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