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Those PR dudes earn more and drink more too

An American poll ranks editors and writers as the fourth heaviest coffee drinkers in that country, and among the most likely to add flavour to their coffee.

Is coffee the preferred poison of Indian editors and writers at the workplace? Or is it chai?

Link via Srinivas Bhashyam

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A lot can happen over coffee. Like a war, maybe?

When a coffee is more than just a coffee

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A lot can happen over coffee. Like a war, maybe.

Coffee and newspapers have a far closer relationship than we can imagine. In the 18th century, people frequented coffee houses primarily to read “the papers”—for free.

But, as a new four-volume book, “Eighteenth Century Coffee House Culture“, edited by Markman Ellis says, in 1728, theĀ  relationship got a little too tempestuous.

The coffee men protested the high price of the papers and the fact that there were so many of them. The newspaper men on the other hand, resented the fact that they got little by way of return from the coffee houses although they were helping draw customers in.

Sounds like modern newspapers vs the internet? Or just a storm in the C-cup?

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