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World’s first ex-president to launch an e-paper

Former Czech president Vaclev Havel may be writing bestsellers even after remitting office. Bill Clinton may be wowing the world with books on how to give. But India’s A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has shown the world that he may be older but he is a step ahead of most of his younger peers and compatriots.

The enormously popular former president—a former missile technologist who answered every email sent to him while he was in office and was amusingly critical of the media’s obsession with bad news—has launched a fortnightly e-paper to highlight the stories of India’s “islands of success”.

Titled Billion Beats, the e-paper has been launched on ex-prez’s website abdulkalam.com

“We have islands of success in every field of activity and we have to connect them to make a garland. Why an overdose of politics, murder, caste wars? Why, why?” he said in his message to the first edition of the e-paper.

V. Ponnraj is Kalam’s associate on the project, M. Anantha Krishnan is the national affairs editor.

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Surely you must be joking, Mr President?

Illustration: Uttam Kumar Ghosh Laljhandawala/ rediff.com