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Poems on anchors: this week, Sagarika Ghose

In Open magazine, Madhavankutty Pillai continues his occassional poems on news anchors. This week, his ode is directed at Sagarika Ghose, the host of Face the Nation on CNN-IBN:

Salutations, mistress of the echo

Blest with the force

Of eyes widening

until they greet the other

Of eyebrows leaping

like trampoline artists together

Reveal to us thy secret

How do you make

An answer’s last line

The next question

In the exact same words

Without a moment’s break

Goddess of ceaseless blinks


Of the nightly misgivings

Anguished liberal voice

—notched up somewhat—

Guiding us from the rink

Loudest of the loud

We offer thee our ear drums

Partake it as oblation

Be generous with thy mercies

Rain down quiet on us

Shanti (blink) Shanti (blink) Shanti (blink)

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When a politician weds a journalist, it’s news

Not too many Indian politicians have a good word about journalism or journalists, but at least one of them, Congressman Jitin Prasada will (hopefully) do so from today. The 36-year-old junior minister for petroleum and natural gas married television journalist Neha Seth in New Delhi on February 16.

Prasada, 36, belongs to the Kapurthala royal family and even boasts of a link to Rabindranath Tagore. Apparently his great-grandmother is the Nobel laureate’s niece. The Hindustan Times quoted him last year as saying he wanted a non-politician wife: “I need a getaway.”

Seth, 30, a former staffer at CNN-IBN, quit the channel last year reportedly to be part of BJP leader Vasundhara Raje Scindia’s campaign team in the run-up to the assembly and general elections in Rajasthan.

The Times of India reports her parents are page 3 regulars on the Lucknow circuit.

“The wedding proposal came from the boy’s side,” ToI quotes the bride’s mother Poonam as saying. “I was very annoyed with Neha for rejecting every wedding proposal that came for her. I would tell here you’ll be left on the shelf if you carry on this way…. They are well-suited for each other. He’s a fine boy.”

The reception from the girl’s family is scheduled to be held in Lucknow on February 20.

Photograph: courtesy IBN Live

Sanskriti Awards for Teresa Rehman, Bahar Dutt

Teresa Rehman Bahar Dutt

Two young journalists, Teresa Rehman (left) of Tehelka and Bahar Dutt of CNN-IBN, are among five winners of the Sanskriti Awards for 2009.

Now in its 30th year, the Sanskriti Awards are given to young talents between 25 and 35 years of age, and will be presented in New Delhi on Novemebr 20, according to a press release. Each award carries Rs 50,000 in cash and a citation.

# An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Teresa Rehman is Tehelka‘s principal correspondent in the Northeast. Her photo-story on an alleged fake encounter in Manipur in June 2009, won global acclaim and was picked up by newspapers and magazines worldwide.

# Bahar Dutt, a trained wildlife conservationist, has worked for the last ten years on key wildlife issues in India and abroad. She played a key role in working with and rehabilitating the Bahelias, a community of snake charmers in Rajasthan and Haryana.

Photographs: courtesy Sanskriti Pratishtan

Did media overreact to SRK? Press QOTD ‘Y’

“Film maker, TV producer, businesswoman, writer, blogger, teacher and the main slave to an imperious hound”, Harini Calamur on the Indian media’s reaction to the detention of movie star Shah Rukh Khan by officials at Newark airport:

“At first, when my nani called me up to tell me that SRK was arrested in the USA, I thought that they had sent him to Gitmo! Then I realised it was a 2-hour stop at the airport. I wonder how much airtime was spent on this—and to the exclusion of what?—and how much money did the “news” channels make….

“On the day SRK got detained for two hours, 21 farmers committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh because they can’t pay off their debt. But, farmers committing suicide cannot be sponsored, it does not drive up TRP’s and it definitely is not conducive for off the cuff ranting by our esteemed ‘journalists’.

With the kind of issues occupying television airtime, Calamur goes on to suggest that it is probably time to rename 24-hour news channels.

“24 hour blogs—one can say—but that too,would be unkind. There a whole bunch of bloggers whom I follow and whose integrity and intent I respect—even if I differ with them on their views. There isn’t a single TV journalist I can put in the same category.”

By the way, CNN-IBN has a half-hour show tonight, hosted by Sagarika Ghose.

The question of the day: “Are we over-reacting to SRK’s detention?”

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Don’t ask me, ask her. Don’t ask me, ask him.

How differently can two journalists of the same house and the same media house think on the same issue at the same time, said issue being West Bengal governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi‘s stand on violence in the State?

Exhibit A is Rajdeep Sardesai, editor-in-chief of CNN-IBN, seven hours ago from the web.

Exhibit B is Sagarika Ghose, senior editor of CNN-IBN, seven hours ago from the web.

For sceptics of the media who suspect a grand liberal conspiracy behind everything that English language media houses do, M/s Sardesai & Ghose are husband and wife.

Sundeep Dougal*, who follows the couple on Twitter and sent us these links, says the two Tweets landed exactly one after the other on his Twitter feed, with not a single twit in between!

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* Disclosures apply

The best of the year that was. Or so I think.

Pradyuman Maheshwari, group chief editor of exchange4media, has compiled the best of the year gone by. It is a personal choice, not a jury verdict. And the winners are…

Best English newspaper: The Times of India

Best business newspaper: Mint

Best Sunday newspaper: The Hindustan Times

Best newsmagazine: India Today

Best business magazine: Mint

Best English news channel: Times Now

Best business channel: CNBC-TV18

Best news aggregator: Google News

Best news portal: IBNlive.com

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