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GUARANTEED: 20 ways to kill a newspaper

At the World Association of Newspaper summit, Juan Antonio Giner, vice-president of Innovation, has unveiled a surefire recipe to kill a newspaper.

1. be dull and boring
2. change slowly
3. print yesterday’s news
4. don’t take risks
5. expect different results by doing things the same way
6. insult your readers
7. lie to advertisers
8. please politicians
9. cover buildings not people
10. don’t interact with audience
11. print badly
12. print poor colour
13. write long
14. don’t care about design
15. don’t care about talent
16. don’t sack bad managers
17. pay badly
18. don’t innovate
19. milk the cash cow
20. expect miracles


Change when you are on top, not at the bottom

La Vanguardia, the leading quality newspaper in Spain, has had a fine year after it “changed without changing.”

In 2006, Innovation International Media made several recommendations on how to go about the change. Juan Antonio Giner, the founder-director of Innovation, lists the lessons learned from the exercise.

1) Change when you are a leader

2) Don’t rush

3) Lead the change from the top

4) Involve all your staff

6) Don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed

8) Devote more space to new issues

9) Go full colour, but don’t make the paper look like a comic

12, 13, 14) Improve and expand your infographics, foreign news, columns,

16) Don’t downgrade your content

18) Fight for your city

19) Improve the reporting, reporting, reporting, and editing, editing, editing of your newspaper

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