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A new life for a newspaper title—and its editor

Newspaper 1

The front page of the launch issue of Qaumi Salamati (National Security), the Urdu newspaper re-launched by S.M.A. Kazmi, the journalist who was arrested and jailed last year for his alleged involvement in a plot to blow up an Israeli diplomatic car in New Delhi. He is currently out on bail after eight months of incarceration.

Published from a swish Nizamuddin (East) address in the capital, the broadsheet 12-page daily (printed, published and owned by Siraj Pracha) is priced at two rupees. The headline of a front-page editorial, which occupies the bottom half of the page, reads: “Love for all, hatred for none.”

The lead story on day one was the earthquake which struck Iran and parts of Pakistan, with its reverberations being felt in Delhi. Among those present at the launch, India’s top Shia cleric Syed Kalbe Jawad and agro-industrialist Sirajuddin Qureshi, who was invited by US president Barack Obama for a 2010 meeting of global Muslim businessmen.

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Let the record show: Kazmi is not forgotten

The arrest of the journalist S.M.A. Kazmi by the Delhi police in connection with the attack on an Israeli embassy car in the capital’s diplomatic enclave has been all but forgotten by members of his fraternity. In Bangalore on Sunday, members of Quds Freedom Movement staged a dharna demanding his release.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

Newspaper cartoon that’s offending the Israelis

After a cartoon on the racist attacks on Indians got under the skin of Australia, Mail Today asked the Aussies whether they had lost their sense of humour.

Now, with Israel wailing about the paper’s depiction of the murderous commando action on the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, surely the paper is entitled to ask if the Israelis have lost their sense of balance?

In the memorable words of Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan:

“You [Israel] killed 19-year-old Furkan Dogan [a US citizen of Turkish origin who was in the convoy] brutally. Which faith, which holy book can be an excuse for killing him?

“The sixth commandment says “thou shalt not kill”. Did you not understand? I’ll say again. I say in English “you shall not kill”. Did you still not understand? So I’ll say to you in your own language. I say in Hebrew ‘Lo Tirtzakh’.”

Or is Israel’s sense of victimhood a licence to act against the sixth commandment for eternity?

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Trapped journalist speaks from inside Gaza City

Israel’s land, sea and air attack on Gaza to smoke out Hamas men firing daily rockets on the Jewish homeland, has been remarkable for the near-complete blackout of information from inside Gaza City. Journalists are barred from reporting from inside Gaza City for “operational reasons”.

Result: As the relentless bombardment continues, no one knows what’s happening to the human beings—men, women, children—who have nothing to do with Hamas or the rockets.

Taghreed El-Khodary, a 39-year-old journalist, lives in the centre of Gaza City. She says everything—the parliament building, the police station, everything—stands destroyed. Up for attack next is a mosque close to where she is, although there is no indication that Hamas fighters are holed in there.

In a telephonic interview with Shihab Rattansi of Al Jazeera English, she says:

“You don’t know what’s the target any more. You don’t know who is in your neighbourhood. You don’t know who is your neighbour any more. You don’t know who is in the military wing…. This is the first time they [Israel] have succeeded in terrorising every single person in Gaza. It’s kind of punishing every individual. You feel like it’s in your house.”

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The top-15 media stories (& viral videos) of ’08

The strange thing about the so-called Global Village is that it has turned us all provincial. We relate to, are interested in, connect with, and remember news events with an insularity that would befuddle Marshall McLuhan. And in the process, we forget that stuff happens outside of the bubble we inhabit.

The Listening Post, the world-class media show on Al Jazeera English hosted by Richard Gizbert, has compiled the stories and personalities that dominated the global media in 2008, in association with Influence Communications, the Canadian media analysts who look at more than a billion TV items from 160 countries.

And the winner? The US presidential election which occupied a grand total of 6.5 million minutes of airtime around the world. On election November 8, and the day after, an average of 21 television news items per second were aired worldwide. The full list is as under:

1) US presidential elections

2) War in Iraq

3) Global economic meltdown

4) The Beijing Olympics

5) War in Afghanistan

6) Oil prices and climate change

7) Nicholas Sarkozy and Carlo Bruni

8) Tibet during the Olympic torch relay

9) Conflict over South Ossetia betwen Russia and Georgia

10) Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto and Pervez Musharraf

11) 60th anniversary of Israel’s creation

12) European football championships

13) Iran’s nuclear programme

14) Zimbabwe’s political and economic troubles

15) Earthquake in western China