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Past, present, future of civic/citizen journalism

NEWS RELEASE: What should the modern press do to reengage with its communities? How do principles and practices from the public journalism movement address that need? How could representative journalism work? What are some newer media formats being used by hyperlocal journalists?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed at three 75-minute sessions being held by the Civic & Citizen Journalism Interest Group to mark 20 years of the civic/public journalism movement.

Titled “The Past, Present and Future of Civic/Citizen Journalism,” the sessions will be held on Tuesday, 5 August 2008 between 2 pm and 6 pm at the journalism convergence lab, at Columbia College, Chicago.

Panel #1 will deal with civic/public journalism 2.0; panel #2 will deal with hyperlocal, community and citizen journalism in Chicago, and panel #3 will deal with blogging for journalism change.

The panel sessions will bring together recent grantees of the National Science Foundation, Knight Foundation and Harnisch Family Foundation and big names from the scholarship of civic/citizen journalism, including Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis, Kim Pearson, Mindy McAdams, Leonard Witt and
Ed Lambeth.

Link via Nikhil Moro, vice head, civic and citizen journalism interest group


MUST READ: 10 rules keep a lawsuit away

Blogs, social networks and citizen media sites have created a myriad new avenues for citizen participation. But it’s not all ha-ha-hee-hee; the sword of lawsuits with scary damages hangs over journalists and citizen journalists. How can CJs protect themselves?

The Knight Citizen News Network lists ten rules for limiting legal risk, and gets Jeff Jarvis to make a video presentation:

1) Check your facts

2) Avoid virtual vendettas

3) Obey the law

4) Weigh promises

5) Reveal secrets selectively

6) Consider what you copy

7) Learn recording limits

8) Don’t abuse anonymity

9) Shun conflicts of interest

10) Seek legal advice

Read the full story and watch the video: Limiting legal risks

Link courtesy Nikhil Moro