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‘Dubai is a haven of information for journalists’

Dubai is a recurring theme in the ongoing tragicomedy in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Shashi Tharoor, who has to give up his ministership, was a consultant with a Dubai firm before taking the plunge in electoral politics. His close friend Sunanda Pushkar lives there. The new head of the Cochin IPL franchise Harshad Mehta is a resident of the city. Etc.

Plus, there are is the betting and matchfixing angle with a Dubai edge.

K.P. Nayar explains in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

“For a journalist with a ‘nose’ for information, Dubai is one of the most open places in the world. Once a newsman has won the trust of an Arab, howsoever sensitive his position may be, he will share information with you which will be wrapped in multiple layers of secrecy in most other countries.

“In my decade-long experience in Dubai, people share information with trusted journalists in the full knowledge that it will not be written about — until after decades, as in the case of this narrative. Unless, of course, the journalist is seeking a one-way plane ticket out of the Emirate.”

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The perils of an Indian correspondent in the US

K.P. Nayar in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

“For an Indian journalist based in the United States of America, the worst professional nightmare these days is the sudden appearance of a red “Breaking News” banner on the CNN screen, announcing yet another university shooting.

“It invariably sends me and my colleagues from other Indian newspapers in Washington scrambling for the telephone numbers of international student faculty advisers and office-bearers of Indian student associations in the US university where the latest gun violence has erupted.

“This month, in just one week between February 7 and 14, when the most recent carnage occurred in Northern Illinois University near Chicago, I had to cancel appointments and reorganize my schedule on five days to check on breaking television news for possible Indian or Indian-American students or academics among the victims of America’s campus gun-culture.”

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