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Look, who the French President is dating

# In 2002, General Electric CEO Jack Welch filed for divorce with his Jane after he became involved with Suzy Wetlaufer, an editor with Harvard Business Review.

# In 2004, television anchor Marion Brooks admitted to having a lengthy affair with then Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell.

# Earlier this year, Los Angles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa‘s marriage went on the rocks after he admitted to an affair with Spanish newscaster Mirthala Salinas.

# Now the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who recently divorced his wife, is romancing his country’s most famous political journalist, Laurence Ferrari, who in turn is divorcing her husband.

Intra-office affairs, flings, infatuations, even marriages are common in the media. But what happens when journalists fall in love, not with colleagues or bosses, but with subjects and sources they meet in the line of duty? And pardon us for being so sexist, how is it that male journalists seem to be so utterly incapable of catching the fancy of high-profile personalities?!

Oh, shoot, there’s Phil Bronstein, the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, who not only won the hand of Sharon Stone but ended up marrying her before getting divorced in 2004.

Photograph: USA Today