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The writing is on the wall for the print media

The findings of the national youth readership survey carried out by the national council for applied economics research (NCAER) on what occupies the mindspace of Indians between 13 and 35 years of age.

The survey, conducted for the national books trust, had a sample size of 38,575 literate youths in 199 towns and 432 villages in 207 districts covering all the States and Union territories.

The survey suggests that a literate youth spends an average 98 minutes everyday viewing television. Based on the sample data, NCAER said nearly 65 per cent of youth households in the country would be having a television set.

Image: courtesy The Telegraph


Indian youth prefer newspapers over TV for news

Newspaper printers, publishers and promoters have plenty to thank India’s youth.

A nationwide survey by the National Council of Applied Economics Reserch (NCAER) shows that two out of every three people in the 13-35 age band prefer to get their news from newspapers, although more youngsters are exposed to television than print.

Infographic: courtesy The Indian Express

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