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Plug for Modi gets ‘Organiser’ editor RSS boot?


Radhika Ramaseshan reports in The Telegraph, Calcutta, on the editorial movements in the mouthpieces of the sangh parivar:

“Ostensibly unconnected to Narendra Modi‘s [re-election and elevation to the BJP parliamentary board] was the recent exit of the editors of the Sangh’s Hindi and English weeklies, Panchjanya and Organiser, Baldev Sharma and R. Balashankar.

“When contacted, Balashankar refused to comment on his departure. But sources said a senior RSS pracharak was “unhappy” with the Modi splashes in the two weeklies. For instance, the BJP was muted about Modi’s December election win but the RSS publications had celebrated it.

“We do not exercise editorial control. More often than not we don’t know what’s going into the publications,” Sangh publicity chief Manmohan Vaidya said. But sources said Vaidya, whose run-ins with Modi had cost him the job of a Sangh state propagandist in Gujarat years ago, had an ‘axe to grind’.”

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