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Three reasons Arnab Goswami should be PM

Columnist G. Sampath on Times Now‘s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami in DNA:

# “Arnab Goswami is the only person in the country to whom every Indian is answerable.

# “Our politicians, at any rate, hold him in higher regard than Parliament. No matter how provocative the questions posed to them, they won’t dream of staging a walk-out from Arnab’s chambers like they do every 13 minutes in the Lok Sabha.”

# “Arnab has mastered the art of being outraged. He is the only person I know who can be more outraged than outrage itself. And that is a talent that our current crop of politicians sorely lack. Nothing fazes them.”

The only contender on the horizon is Rajnikanth.

“While Rajini might vaporise Arnab with his laughter, Arnab might pre-empt it by unleashing on Rajini his finger-wagging verbiage of infinite outrage. In which case, Rajini, whose compassionate heart melts at even the tiniest, teeny weenie injustice, would collapse instantly into a heap of sand, and Arnab would emerge the winner. But it would be a close call.”

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Illustration: courtesy DNA