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Yes, Kofi Annan is a dish, Teesta* is an actress

The veteran journalist and former Reader’s Digest assistant editor V. Gangadhar, who taught journalism for over a decade in Bombay’s colleges, agrees with the press council chief Justice Markandey Katjuorder” that journalists do need “some legal qualifications.”

He writes in The Hindu:

Some years ago, the journalism entrance test at a career development institute in Mumbai had this objective-type question: Kofi Annan is (a) a Nigerian footballer (b) lead singer of a Sierra Leone pop group (c) a Sri Lankan delicacy (d) Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The 100-odd candidates who appeared for the test were graduates with a sprinkling of post graduates. For nearly 25 of them, Kofi Annan was a Sri Lankan delicacy.

At a TV Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) university examination, where students were asked to identify and comment on a recent war which had divided the United States of America, more than a dozen students, obviously from the same college, elaborated on the “Vitamin War.” Another TV BMM class was learning the basics of book reviews. The teacher was shocked when the 40 plus students admitted that none of them had ever read a book outside their prescribed course of studies.

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Wisdom founder-editor dead; long live Wisdom

An advertisement published in The Hindu on Tuesday, March 27, in memory of the founder editor of Wisdom, the lower-priced monthly magazine containing bits of information from here, there, everywhere a la Reader’s Digest—on which generations of  Indians grew up.