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20 tweetable truths about magazines. Really?

The Magazine Publishers of America‘s video to show how the magazine industry is alive, well and thriving in the United States. But elsewhere?

Link courtesy “Mr Magazine”  Samir Husni


‘Problem’s in the newsroom, not the newspaper’

Mr Magazine” Professor Samir Husni of the University of Mississippi:

“A paper (notice that I did not use newspaper) must be that, a paper that offers unique journalism that will have that profound impact on the lives of its readers whether political, culture, financial, or even entertainment and lifestyle. Profound is the key for a successful journalism paper in this century and beyond.

“The fun thing about the aforementioned is that it is not new. The necessity of journalism is as important today as it has ever been. The only change is in the way journalism is delivered. The paper technology is great for some journalism and the web technology is great for some other journalism. The key is to change and adapt.

“Change must come from the inside, inside the newsroom, otherwise, newspapers will be committing mass suicide in this country and their numbers will continue to drop. If your newspaper is not necessary and sufficient you can start counting the days to the grave, and if you are still talking about the need to change, it is not too late.”

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