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When an editor draws a cartoon, it’s news


Indian print editors have done book reviews (Sham Lal, Times of India), film reviews (Vinod Mehta, Debonair), food reviews (Vir Sanghvi, Hindustan Times), music reviews (Chandan Mitra, TOI, Pioneer, The Sunday Observer; Sanjoy Narayan, Hindustan Times), elephant polo reviews (Suman Dubey, India Today) etc, but few have done cartoons.

When The Telegraph, Calcutta, was launched Pritish Nandy (who later became the editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India) would do a daily, front-page pocket cartoon, with Mukul Sharma (who later became the editor of Science Today) writing the caption, and vice-versa.

Even today, former Statesman and Indian Express editor S. Nihal Singh is a happy doodler.

In the latest issue of Open magazine, its editor Manu Joseph (who has set crossword puzzles at his previous port of calling, Outlook) puts his signature on a cartoon. Let the record show that “Pope” Joseph‘s handwriting bears a close similarity with Dr Hemant Morporia, the radiologist who draws cartoons.

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Yet another paper redesigned by Mario Garcia


India’s second-largest English language daily newspaper, the 85-year-old Hindustan Times, has a new look from today, with new fonts, new layouts and a new masthead.

The new design, by Mario Garcia, is “benchmarked to the best international standards”, writes editor-in-chief Sanjoy Narayan in his introductory note.

“You’re holding the future in your hands,” Narayan writes.

A wraparound flanking the new paper carries a full-page advertisement for the new paper.

“It’s time newspapers stopped being confusing and boring. Stopped talking about things that don’t matter.

“It is time newspapers started highlighting real issues. Started making better sense of the world for me.

“It is time newspapers reflected the changing times. Got me excited. Got me engaged. Got me hooked.

“It is time.”

Garcia’s design supplants the one created by Michael Keegan, the Washington Post designer, who did two separate redesigns for the main paper over the last 10 years, writes former editor Vir Sanghvi, now the paper’s advisory editorial director.

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