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India’s most-watched TV news show at 9 pm is…

India’s most-watched TV news show at 9 pm is, pinch yourself, DD News!

Hindustan Times reports in its gossip columns that News Night:

“the primetime news show [on DD News] between 9 pm and 10 pm topped the TAM ratings last week with 66% market share, four times the channel which comes next.”

Interesting, if true.

And if true, the numbers below, which also use TAM ratings, become interesting.


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Sharp, sensitive, substantive (conditions apply)

The poll straws. They are a-blowing at DD News


What sustains our ‘free’ media is government ads


The advertising share of television, radio and digital is growing, while it is shrinking rapidly for newspapers and magazines. That is the bottomline of these graphics from The Economic Times, partially explaining why the media is in its current shape.

Stunningly, the top advertising category in 2012, both in print and on TV, is “social advertisements”, in other words government advertisements extolling the virtues of one or the other social welfare scheme. In 2005, it used to be toilet soaps and two-wheelers.


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English news channels have 0.4% viewership!

Cynics and critics of the media cannot stop bad-mouthing the English news channels and their shrieking, shouting, table-thumping, finger-wagging anchors. Talking heads move heaven, earth and everything else in between to appear on them. Advertisers drop everything else to flock to them. Yet….

Yet, is this all very futile?

Using data collated by the television audience measurement agency (TAM), Archna Shukla of the Indian Express reports that this is all very misplaced. That, despite its growing social and rural acceptance, English news channels boast of such a minuscule viewership that it probably does not even count.

From a snapshot of television consumption in India in the Sunday Indian Express:

1. There are 134 million households which own television sets in India; 70 million are in rural areas, 64 million in urban India

2. India is the world’s second largest broadcast market in viewership base as well as the total number of channels (500)

3. An average Indian watches television for two and a half hours a day, South Indians are glued to the idiot box for longer

4. There are more news channels (81 and counting) than general entertainment channels

5. News and current affairs channels has 7.5% viewership share; GECs have 51%.

6. Hindi has 43% reach and audience; the regional language channels put together account for 37%

7. Hindi speaking market is larger but South Indians watch TV for longer, spending close to three hours a day

8. English channels, news and otherwise, gets only 11% of viewership share

9. English news channels have a 0.4 per cent viewership

10. Men watch sports, news and movie channels; women watch soaps and serials

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Television in India

It ain’t over till the fat lady & the slim boy sing

The latest round of State elections has ended with a clear victor in each State, but the bragging rights has only just begun.

CNN-IBN, quoting Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ratings, claims it was “India‚Äôs most watched English news channel across audience groups across India on polling day. The channel was the leader in all-India market across target groups (TGs).”

Times Now, citing data released by aMap, says it recorded more viewers than its nearest competitors put together.

The claims of NDTV 24×7 are eagerly awaited.

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