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Could the media end up killing Barack Obama?

25 September 2009

Al Jazeera’s media show The Listening Post on how 24×7 media is dangerously inflaming passions against US President Barack Obama with lies, untruths, rhetoric—a little like the way a newspaper advertisement greeted John F. Kennedy the day he arrived in Dallas in 1963.

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The media’s obsession with Obama is worrisome

How to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ without a script

5 August 2009

On his 48th birthday, US President Barack Obama wishes the grande dame of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas, on her 89th.

Let history record that the Wisher-in-Chief did not use a teleprompter when he wished her Happy Birthday.

Link via Juan Antonio Giner/ Innovation in Newspapers

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POTUS would like you to switch off your phone

14 May 2009

What happens when the mobile phone rings at a White House press briefing?

This is what Robert Gibbs would tell you in a circular sort of way.

“[As the press secretary to the President of the United States] I made the determination that the illumination of the sound was distracting to the briefing.”

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